April 21, 2015


Our New P3 Case is Designed to Fit both the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and the Professional Edition-PERFECTLY!


 Although we momentarily wrestled with designing a case that would accommodate all Phantoms, it really did not make sense to give up a perfect fit for the new Phantom 3 to accommodate the prior editions.   We've manufactured a perfect case for the Phantom Original, and a perfect case for the Phantom 2/Vision+; so we decided that the Phantom 3 deserved its own custom foam insert made for its exact specifications, as well. The controller for the Phantom 3 is distinctly different (same as the Inspire Controller) from the Phantom and Phantom 2 Vision+.   To make an insert that accommodates either controller is giving up on a precise fit for either.   Additionally, the new Phantom is modestly taller and the landing gear is slightly wider, and so the same issue of a good vs. great fit becomes apparent.  So, in the end, our New Phantom 3 Case was designed to be a perfect fit for the Phantom 3, exclusively.

As an aside, we do realize there are two editions of the Phantom 3:    The Phantom 3 Advanced and the Phantom 3 Professional Editions.  However, I've had both Editions sitting right in front of me for inspection, and the measurements for the purpose of making a perfect fit custom case for the two editions of the new Phantom 3 are the same.  Aside from the obvious price difference, and the fact that the Advanced had silver stripes on the prop arms and the Professional version had gold, I couldn't readily name the differences from a visual inspection.  A little research revealed that the main differences would not impact the design of a travel and storage enclosure:    The camera-1080 p 60 (Advanced) v. 4k video/30 frames per second (Professional); and the Battery Charger 57-watt v. 100-watt.  And so, once again, for those who have asked:  Our New Phantom Case is Designed to Fit both the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and the Professional Edition-Perfectly.


April 19, 2015


Just In Case You Missed Us at NAB-We Revealed Our Unique & Exclusive Prop Protection Design

We heard you, and we get it.  Storing the spare propellers in a single cavity in a case for the small birds works fine, but for those larger investments, the propellers need a much better protective solution.  So, we have designed individual propeller inserts behind the lid foam for the ultimate protection.  Each propeller is now secured behind the lid and snugly fit into their own precision cut foam cavity.  Now, there is room for a set and a spare in our featured cases.  Available on our DJI Inspire Landing Mode (ready to fly) Case and our DJI InspireTravel Mode.  Also, available and coming soon on our Latest Q500 Case and other cases in the queue and on their way!

Written By M. Davies, Chief Operations Officer