Choosing a Case: Phantom 3 Standard Edition vs. Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional

Have a Phantom 3 Standard?  Make sure you buy a Phantom 3 Standard Customized Case.  Microraptor Pro Case Announces New Phantom 3 STANDARD Custom Case.
Just here to announce and make sure that everyone is aware there are physical differences between the new STANDARD Phantom 3 Release and the original Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional Editions which require a different custom case layout.  If you have a Phantom 3 Standard, please select the right case, which is not just plugs and compromises to the existing Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional.   Our case is a newly designed case specifically to accommodate the Phantom 3 Standard controller (which in appearance mirrors the Phantom 2 Vision+). Just like the separate Standard 3 discussion group, FC decided that the Phantom 3 Standard deserved its own case.

Phantom 3 Standard   vs.  Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced Case Layout

Notice the difference between the right hand side controller area? 
Although we momentarily wrestled with designing a case that would accommodate all Phantoms right after DJI announced the Phantom 3, it really did not make sense to give up a perfect fit for the new Phantom 3 to accommodate the prior editions. Nor, does it now make sense to give up a perfect fit for the Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional, to accommodate the distinctly different (controller area) for the Phantom 3 Standard. In our opinion and based upon our experience, those types of changes compromise the original design and customization. We have a case for the Phantom Original, the Phantom 2V/V+, Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional, so now the Phantom Standard also deserved its own case.

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