Skylab Flight Systems' Review of FC's Microraptor Pro Backpack designed to fit the Iris+.

Aerial Photographer, Kevin McCarthy, recently put our Microraptor Pro Backpack Designed for the 3DR Iris + to a "real-world" test during one of his project sojourns.  You can read Kevin's review at

Kevin's website SkyLab Flight systems ( is dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge of current topics of interest in the UAV industry, including "How To" , "Product Reviews", "Blogs & News" and  "Project" Sections.  He has new and interesting contributions almost daily.  Kevin is also a leading provider of aerial photography/video services in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Virginia areas; and next week, he promises  to put our waterproof hard case designed to store and transport the 3DR Iris+ to the test during one of his outings. So stay tuned and check out his website.

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