October 01, 2015


Great Overview by Skylab Flight Systems of our Microraptor Q500 Typhoon Case


Kevin McCarthy of Skylab Flight Systems checks out our case for the Q500+.  Check out his website for more product reviews.


September 29, 2015


Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional Microraptor Pro Case Review-You Tube


This review is by Steve Noble, and we just happened upon it on You Tube.  Wow, he is a pro at this!  He sure puts the case to the test in this. We love it!


September 22, 2015


Our Microraptor Pro 2015 Fall and WInter Holiday Catalog

We went to print on our Fall & Winter Holiday 2015 Catalog.  Dealers and Distributors can ask for a down load of the entire catalog to prep your holiday orders, and we will mail, upon request, hard copy catalogs.  Get your Purchase Orders in early for the Holiday.   Since our Spring publication, we have added several new cases and backpacks for:

DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced

DJI Phantom 3 Standard

3DR SOLO Drone

MiniQuad/FPV Case and Backpack Series

Accessories-Metal Latch Locks and Plastic Latch Locks

DJI S900 and S1000 Spreading Wings are back in stock

And there are more announcements for new cases on the way!

September 20, 2015


September 20, 2015


International Drone Racing Association California Cup Championship

We are proud to be the Case Sponsor for the International Drone Racing Association drone racing events in Southern California and neighboring regions. These events are a family friendly introduction to the fun and exciting sport of aerial racing and aerial robotics.

Completed Races:

SAN FRANCISCO - Saturday, August 29
LAS VEGAS - Saturday, September 12
LOS ANGELES - Saturday, September 19

Upcoming Events: 
ORANGE COUNTY - Saturday, October 3
SAN DIEGO - Saturday, October 24

IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN THE FUN.  REGISTER for the next race in Orange County on October 3 or just come out to check it out.    


September 19, 2015


Choosing a Case: Phantom 3 Standard Edition vs. Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional

Have a Phantom 3 Standard?  Make sure you buy a Phantom 3 Standard Customized Case.  Microraptor Pro Case Announces New Phantom 3 STANDARD Custom Case.
Just here to announce and make sure that everyone is aware there are physical differences between the new STANDARD Phantom 3 Release and the original Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional Editions which require a different custom case layout.  If you have a Phantom 3 Standard, please select the right case, which is not just plugs and compromises to the existing Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional.   Our case is a newly designed case specifically to accommodate the Phantom 3 Standard controller (which in appearance mirrors the Phantom 2 Vision+). Just like the separate Standard 3 discussion group, FC decided that the Phantom 3 Standard deserved its own case.

Phantom 3 Standard   vs.  Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced Case Layout

Notice the difference between the right hand side controller area? 
Although we momentarily wrestled with designing a case that would accommodate all Phantoms right after DJI announced the Phantom 3, it really did not make sense to give up a perfect fit for the new Phantom 3 to accommodate the prior editions. Nor, does it now make sense to give up a perfect fit for the Phantom 3 Advanced & Professional, to accommodate the distinctly different (controller area) for the Phantom 3 Standard. In our opinion and based upon our experience, those types of changes compromise the original design and customization. We have a case for the Phantom Original, the Phantom 2V/V+, Phantom 3 Advanced and Professional, so now the Phantom Standard also deserved its own case.

July 03, 2015


The Iris+ Microraptor Pro Case & Backpack In Action!

Todd Harper of Todd Harper Photography wowed us when he took his Iris+ out in our Microraptor Pro Case Iris+ Backpack.  Todd is a Vail Colorado based photographer and videographer capturing images from both land and air. You can see more of Todd's work by clicking here.






Here, Todd was using our Microraptor Pro Backpack for the Iris.  In addition to the Microraptor Pro Case Collections, we have customized tactical packs for the Iris+, Blade QX, and Phantom Collections. (Currently sold out and expected to be back in stock by the end of July). 

June 16, 2015


Microraptor Pro Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog

The Phantom 3 Cases, Q500 and some of the racers missed the cutoff for the Spring Catalog, but they can be found in product offerings soon.

The Phantom 3 Cases, Q500 and some of the racers missed the cutoff for the Spring Catalog for NAB in April, but we will get all those posted soon. 


May 20, 2015


Skylab Flight Systems' Review of FC's Microraptor Pro Backpack designed to fit the Iris+.

Aerial Photographer, Kevin McCarthy, recently put our Microraptor Pro Backpack Designed for the 3DR Iris + to a "real-world" test during one of his project sojourns.  You can read Kevin's review at http://skylabflightsystems.com/product-reviews/microraptor-pro-duffelbackpack-case-for-3d-robotics-iris/

Kevin's website SkyLab Flight systems (skylabflightsystems.com) is dedicated to sharing his vast knowledge of current topics of interest in the UAV industry, including "How To" , "Product Reviews", "Blogs & News" and  "Project" Sections.  He has new and interesting contributions almost daily.  Kevin is also a leading provider of aerial photography/video services in the Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia & Virginia areas; and next week, he promises  to put our waterproof hard case designed to store and transport the 3DR Iris+ to the test during one of his outings. So stay tuned and check out his website.

May 12, 2015


Invitation for Dealers/Distributors to Submit Reseller Application Packet

Love our Cases and have a platform as a Dealer/Distributor?  Contact us for a reseller application to join our family of U.S.A. and International dealers.     http://microraptorcases.com/community/contact